What is TOKITA SEED Company

Founded in 1917, TOKITA is a seed company focused on enhancing our global food quality, connectivity, and health through the development of delicious and productive vegetable varieties.

Our breeding is anchored in flavor, without being bound by conventional standards and forms. TOKITA’s innovative work has adapted Italian vegetables to Japan through the Gusto Italia Project, and now offers new and traditional Japanese vegetables around the world through the Oishii Nippon Project.
You may have eaten TOKITA vegetables if you have ever tried Tomatoberry tomatoes, Wawatsai Chinese Cabbage, Sticchio Stick Finocchio, MiniQ Cucumber, Cauliflore, or Carino Kale. Backed by over 100 years of vegetable expertise, the company continues to encourage new ideas and empower its global team to shape the future of vegetables.

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TIME magazine’s Asian edition, JUNE 24 2024 (on sale Junel 16, 2024 ),
featured an article introducing our company and an interview with Iwao Tokita, president of our company.
at the following link → [ Japan is Sowing the Seeds of Global Success ]
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    Our Work

    Our headquarters are located in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, and we offer our varieties not only in Japan but all over the world. Since its founding, the company has grown to establish research stations and branches globally with local staff overseeing operations:

    • 1990: Qingdao International Seed
    • 1998: TOKITA SEED India
    • 2008: TOKITA SEMENTI Italia
    • 2011: TOKITA SEED America
    • 2016: SEMILLAS TOKITA Chile

    TOKITA's global perspective offers unique opportunities for vegetable development across cultures and climates.

    Know the Base
    Job Introduction

    There are three types of jobs at TOKITA SEED: "Sales & Staff", "Research", and "Production Technology". Each employee has a passionate feeling towards the same goal and is facing their own work.
    "Delicious" and "healthy vegetables" - such feelings are put into all products.

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